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How We Know – St. Albans

Last Thursday we had an opportunity to do a college service at St. Albans Church on LSU’s campus. The space was just so cool that we couldn’t help but grab a quick one-take video of an impromptu acoustic/binder/banjo rendition of How We Know. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think. We’d love to keep doing more videos like this if you guys enjoy them!

Stray – unplugged in a hallway

Kris, Lane and Jeremy taking advantage of some serious reverb in a very nice sounding hallway. We shot this on an iPhone late one night.

The Assemblie + Children’s Cup

We are honored to play a small role in supporting Children’s Cup in Africa through our music. Two of our songs, “Greatest” and “How We Know” have been featured on a new Children’s Cup video. Children’s Cup is a humanitarian and spiritual aid organization. It has feeding programs, medical treatments, and orphanages for hurting people around the world.



Album Release Show

We are excited to announce the official album release date. We are going to perform at the HPC Annex at 19202 Highland Road on Saturday night, March 24th. The concert begins at 7 PM. We’ve also invited our friends Aaron Kelly and Rory Williams… both AMAZING performers who will be opening the show! This ia such a big night for us, and we want to share it with all of you. We are not charging any cover, as a thank you to everyone who has carried us this far. Spread the word, bring your friends (and your friends friends!). We can’t wait to see you there!

When: March 24th, 2012 at 7PM
Where: Healing Place Church Annex
Who: The Assemblie + Aaron Kelly and Rory Williams

New EP + Studio Blogs

Our new five-song, self-titled EP is now officially available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp! We will also be carrying physical copies at all of our live performances.  

As an accompaniment to the record, we have created a web-page dedicated to the release.  The page includes media downloads, album lyrics, personal studio blogs, and production notes.  We hope to share as much of this  project as possible with all of our friends, so feel free to comment on the blogs and ask any questions… we will be happy to respond!

Visit the New EP Page


The Assemblie + Devoted Student Conference

The Assemblie is officially slated to play two specials at the upcoming Devoted Student Conference in Baton Rouge. The conference is hosted by Healing Place Church, and we can’t wait to bring a unique and powerful musical experience to all of the students in attendance.

When: Feb 17-19, 2012
Where: Healing Place Church Arena

More Info

EP Coming This February

We are working hard at wrapping up the final stages of production, and are thrilled to get this EP out to the world. it’s been a long time in the making, especially for 5 songs, but we believe that we’ve taken a big step forward musically. We’ve learned a ton, and we are just getting our legs beneath us for the next wave of songs… (hopefully they’ll get here a little quicker this time too!) In the mean time, check out this little video we put together late one night in the studio. We are playing an unplugged fragment of the song “Revolving,” which is featured on the new EP.