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How We Know

Love came down to earth below
Lived and breathed as one of us
This is how we know

You put love on grand display
In both life and death the same
This is how we know

You laid down Your life
Here’s love displayed
The greatest gift of all
His love displayed

This is how we know what love is
This is how we know what love is

Love came down to take on death
To collide on our behalf
This is how we know

You gave up Your perfect life
So the world could see the truth
This is how we know

Lost You found me astray
Wandering through the dark
It’s how I know

Changed You saved me
From all my hopelessness and fear
It’s how I know

Love surrounds me
With grace that brings me to my knees
It’s how I know

Darkness Falls

The battle rages on deep down within me
My flesh pulls one way
Your will pulls the other
This battle must be won
And it’s mine to fight
You know I long to be victorious

When the darkness falls
And I am at my weakest point
Let me be found faithful

As the years go by
And You look back on all I’ve done
Let me be found faithful

What good are my intentions without convictions
Come stir my inner being
Beyond all emotion
What good are my successes without holiness
I could gain the world and still be without You

You are brilliant
Shining like the stars
When You look down on me
I hope You’re pleased with me

You are brilliant shining like the stars
When I see Your face
I long to hear You say
Well done child, well done child
Well done child
You’ve been faithful

The Greatest

No one can touch You
You are the greatest
You stand above the rest victorious
You won for all of us so undeserving
No greater love than this
You have shown

We just want to be like You
Just want to make You proud

You are the best You’re the greatest
I’ll follow You follow You
League of Your own
Heaven’s own star
You inspire me inspire me


Take my eyes
The gateway to my mind
Let them gaze on what is pure and whole
Take my mind
The gateway to my soul
Let it dwell on that which You deem pleasing

I know it’s not the norm
And some might say unnecessary
But I don’t care anymore

If my heart could only beat for one thing
It will beat to please You
Before my very first breath this heart was set apart for You
So until my heartbeat stops I’m going to live this life to honor
You who gave Your life
Your very heartbeat for me

Take my feet
Too often wandering aimlessly
Let them walk on paths You’ve set apart
Take my hands
Hands that leave my mark on earth
Let them leave prints that mark eternity

Here’s my heart set apart beating for You


Steady as the sun in the morning sky
I’ll be revolving around You
Steady to remain when my faith is weak
Always revolving around

I know I’m a mess and You’re constant
Always here come rain or shine
Life is fast and You are still
I could never outrun You

Certain as a heart that has fallen in love
I’ll be revolving around You
Certain to remain as the doubts fill my mind
Always revolving around



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Recorded and engineered by Brian Beyt and Alden Chatham at Little House Productions. Additional engineering by Chad Gonzales.
Produced by The Assemblie and Brian Beyt.
Mixed and mastered by Brian Beyt at Little House Productions.
Recorded at Little House Productions in Baton Rouge, LA. Additional recordings in a classroom and a stairwell.
Additional Production Credits
Additional percussion on "How We Know" by: Jeremy Beyt, Jacob Beslin, Alden Chatham.
Piano, Harmonium, Synth and Strings by Brian Beyt
Piano Arrangements by: Brian Beyt & Kris Neel.
Auxillary Sounds by a random group of our HPC friends
Choir on How We Know: The Hub Crew @ Dodson Hall
Additional vocals on Darkness Falls by Lauren Daigle
Additional group harmonies throughout: Brian Beyt, Jeremy Beyt, Kris Neel, Lane Primeaux, Elton Veals
Arrangements by: Brian Beyt, Jeremy Beyt, Kris Neel, Jon-David Mahoney, and Lane Primeaux
Songs written by Kris Neel with assistance from The Assemblie
Lyrics by Kris Neel. Lyrics on "How We Know" by Kris Neel and Brian Beyt.

We would like to thank all of our friends and family who helped make this record possible. From the studio, to the stairwells, to the classrooms, your support means more than you realize...
and for that, we are tremendously grateful.